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Producer: Milan Nestarec

Origin: Moravia, Czech Republic

Grapes: Neuburger, Secret

Style: Orange/ Skin Contact

ABV: 12%

Size: 750ml 

Tasting Notes: Mandarin, Agave, Brioche

TRBLMKR is not here to give any troubles, we promise! The Neuburger is a fantastic orange wine: complex, citrusy and fresh. It has notes of lime and sage, a bit of caramel, a touch of creaminess, just the right amount of acidity ad tannins and the usual Milan’s mouthwatering minerality. 

In large old barrels made of local oak or acacia wood, it could be stored for 2 years in peace and now flow into your glass with full joy. No fining or filtration, no sulfur addition. The normal way, to put it simply.

From Milan:

Not love at first sight, but if you're on the same wavelength, you might become friends for life. Not a big talker, more of a thinker. But opens up and even cracks jokes when surrounded by like-minded people.

This wine is always based on Neuburger (Neuburské), the once-popular local variety that's IMHO perfectly adapted to our soil. During the communist era, it was a popular piquette ingredient (pejoratively called “seconds” in Czech), as its fleshy berries are difficult to press and hence are prone to leave a lot of raw material in the pomace for a second serve. Nowadays, the grape is sadly disappearing, mostly due to its lower yields and compact grape, which makes it prone to rot. Flavour-wise, it's rather neutral, but give it a bit of time to rest in the bottle and the reward and tertiary aromatics are just mind-blowing. As I said, if you want an instant crowd-pleaser, you’ll have to look elsewhere; if you like wines that encourage some exploration and reflection, this is probably right up your alley.