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Josephine 2020

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Producer: Gut Oggau

Origin: Austria, Burgenland

Terrior: Limestone

Grapes: Roesler

Fermentations: Wooden Barrels

Age of Vine: 60 years old

Style: Red

ABV: 12%

Size: 750m

Josephine Gut Oggau is a spicy, intense lady that comes from a beautiful 30 year old plantation which is planted with the rare Rösler grape on a limestone soil.

Resulting in dark berries, leather, mushrooms, and beautiful acidity

Rosler is a fungus- and frost-resistant new breed from the 1960s, which can be found almost exclusively in Burgenland. It produces fruity and tannic wines with a powerful colour.

Hand-harvested Roesler is partly fermented in wooden vats and aged in wooden barrels, bottled unembellished, unfiltered and without addition of sulphur.

*family tree description

"Timotheus's second wife and Winifred's stepmother. An easy-going and somewhat voluptuous lady, she first found the love of her life at a slightly older age. Shaped by her tempestuous youth, she is an unconventional type that radiates vitality and enjoys life to the full."