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Miky-Maus '17

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Who let the cats out?

I love me a good challenge: Miky-maus is the result of my grape swap with the Moravian natural wine OG Petr Nejedlík of Dobrá Vinice. Petr gives me Welschriesling, Muller and Gruner from his beautiful, approximately 40-yo National Park vineyard near Popice, I give him my Pinot and Blaufrankisch. It's a win-win, 'cause we both like the extra fun & adrenaline of working with some “stranger” grapes that behave differently from our own. (If I didn’t publicly hate this word I’d call his grapes' character “distinctly mineral”.)

I turn this unfamiliar matter into a macerated white - on skins until the fermentation starts, say 3-4 days, then pressed and left alone in big old barrels. Quite rich and herbal, but thank g-d (or rather the perfect grapes and Mother Nature) there’s still heaps of acidity that make you reach for another glass. And another. And another.

The name is a tribute to my childhood hero, the one and only Mickey, as well as a gentle poke to a winemaking neighbour of mine - when we tasted the first edition together a couple of years ago, he thought there was some mouse in it. There wasn’t (and hasn’t been since), but the name was born nonetheless. Thx for the name, man! (I let the cats out.)

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